Border security should be nonpartisan issue

We get it. Our country’s political parties couldn’t agree if water is wet or the sky is blue. But, hyperbole aside, there is an issue on which they should unite and get fixed immediately—the security of our southern border.
Every other country on the planet has restrictions as to who and who cannot enter. Why should the United States be a free for all where anything goes? The answers are it shouldn’t, that our immigration policy is beyond broken, and it’s high time to put politics aside and get it fixed. It truly is a national security issue. If we don’t know who is crossing the border or what their intent is, how do we know some bad actors, or worse, terrorists, won’t come into our country with bad intentions? The entire world knows our southern border is a glorified turnstile. You think our enemies wouldn’t like to take advantage of that?
Nobody is saying we shouldn’t accept immigrants, and that people seeking a better life cannot seek asylum and eventually citizenship in the hopes of a better life. That is what this country is built upon. However, we have laws as to how that should be done, and it doesn’t include walking across the border and dealing with it seven years from now. There is a process that is to be followed, and it’s not fair to immigrants who do things the right way and go through the process as designed. And, the United States cannot house the entirety of South America.
Our fear is that neither party really want to solve this issue. Republicans base many of their campaigns around what is happening at the southern border, with some likening it to a war zone (there aren’t bombs and bullets flying). It’s an unsustainable mess, yes—but it’s not a war zone. Nor do we want it to become one. If the issue is solved though, this takes a tool out of the Republican toolbox to get elected. We hope most will put the well being of the country above the next election cycle.
Democrats are much more favorable to allowing immigrants into the country even in illegal status, granting them amnesty, and in general not cracking down as hard on illegal immigration. Even Democrats, however, are coming around to the idea that what is going on cannot continue, and are working to build support legislation that would reportedly give President Joe Biden the power to close the border. Naturally, the legislation has gotten stuck, because our Congress can do next to nothing without belaboring and making a circus out of it.
Nations must have borders and laws. We already have both of those in place. It’s just a matter of enforcing them, and adding whatever reforms we need to secure our border. We call on Congress to stop making this a political issue and do the work we have elected you to do.

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