Congratulations on 100 years

One hundred years. That’s a long time for anything, let alone for a business to continue operation.
That’s exactly what Bradeen Real Estate and Auctions has accomplished, however, and the venerable business celebrated 100 years of doing business by conducting a benefit auction at Custer YMCA.
We will do the math for you. If the business celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2023, that means it was started in 1923. To put that in perspective for you, among some of the things that happened in 1923 include the first home game played at the Original Yankee Stadium between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, Warner Bros. established its movie studio, the very first issue of Time Magazine was published and one-piece swimming suits began to be worn. Yes, 1923 was a long time ago.
In 1923, Bert Bradeen came to Custer from Nebraska and started Bradeen Auctions and Real Estate. One hundred years later, his grandson, Ron Bradeen, still operates the family business right here in Custer. The business has been passed from Bert Bradeen to his son, Bob, and finally to Ron. During the course of the 100 years of its existence, Bradeen Real Estate and Auctions has had only three owners, all with the last name Bradeen. That’s quite the feat.
We aren’t sure how many businesses in Custer have remained in continuous operation longer than Bradeen Real Estate and Auctions, but it’s safe to say the list wouldn’t be overly long. The Gold Pan Saloon comes to mind, as does our business, the Custer County Chronicle, which churned out its first issue way back in 1880. Neither of the aforementioned businesses have been kept in the family, however, which makes what the Bradeens have done so impressive.
The name Bradeen is synonymous with Custer, and Ron Bradeen, his family and his staff have spent many hours doing benefit auctions and doing other positive things for Custer. It is these types of families who make Custer what it is. We all support each other, and we support the community at large. It’s what makes a community thrive, and it’s what allows a business to continue operation for 100 years. Many businesses don’t last a single year, let alone a century. That in itself lets you know Bradeen Real Estate and Auctions is doing something right. Or better yet, many things right.
From all of us here at the Custer County Chronicle, congratulations on 100 years to Bradeen Real Estate and Auctions. Here is to the next 100 years, no matter who is at the helm. We know Ron won’t be around for another 100 years, but we do know whoever is at the helm when the year 2123 rolls around will be doing the same fine job and supporting the community in the same way the Bradeens have been doing since Time Magazine was launched.

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