Teacher Profile: Brett Bishop

Name: Brett Bishop
Grade/Subject: Freshman and Sophomore English
Where did you grow up and go to college? I grew up in Rapid City and went to college at Black Hills State University after a brief stint at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
How long have you been a teacher? This is my first year as a teacher.
Why did you become a teacher? I knew I wanted to do something that I believed would be worthwhile. I had taken a literature class in college and discovered I had a knack for guiding discussion. I changed my major to English education and a few years later here I am! And ecstatic about it.
What do you love about teaching in Hill City? This is a hard question because there is so much to love. The administration is supportive and being mentored by Jen Mueller is an absolute boon. I have also thoroughly enjoyed co-directing the school play. Ultimately though, teaching comes down to the students. The students are awesome and being in a smaller school such as Hill City means I get to know them even better.
Person info? Coaching? Family? Pets? Etc.: I codirect the school plays with Jen Mueller. It has been crazy figuring it out on top of teaching, but thanks to the students and Jen I am learning how to direct slowly but surely. I am a second-generation teacher after my mother who teaches special education in Rapid City. My parents and two sisters all live somewhere between Hill City and Rapid and have been incredibly supportive. My girlfriend, Katie, teaches the second grade in Sheridan, Wyo., and I am lucky to get to see her often.

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